Sunday, March 22, 2015

Day 76 - A really painful week saw the streak come to an end. I'd been having trouble with my right shoulder for a month now. It became significantly worse the day before Day 76 (78 of the streak). I ran on Day 76, and it was painful. That night, I was in the ER, thinking something was torn and getting no word otherwise from the "doctor" in the ER.

I went through a very painful work week, and an excruciating drive home. Jill looked it up and my symptoms were more like tendinitis, which is what I hoped (but didn't really think) was the problem. She gave me a mix of acetaminophen and ibuprofen. Then, I got a shot of cortisone and as I write, my shoulder is an order of magnitude better. It still hurt, but not nearly as much and I'm quite certain it's tendinitis and not a tear.

Unfortunately, I had to learn that by giving up the streak - it just hurt too much and I wasn't open enough to alternative ways of treating it. But it was a great streak and a valuable lesson to learn.

My goal now is to finish 2015...with at least one workout per day. I don't want a run streak because I need to give my shoulder a rest if necessary. But that doesn't mean I can't bike or whatever.

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