Friday, February 13, 2015

Day 43 of 2015 (45 of the streak): I don't normally run with a plan. I just run. I may pick a time and a location, but that's usually about it. However, I do have one rule: I don't run hard on consecutive days (very seldom if ever). Otherwise, it's a free-for-all.

The plan for D43 was to do a treadmill run after work. That's all I knew of the plan. Moments before running I thought, you know, I should see how long I can run 10MPH. Deep down, I think I can run that fast for a while. So off I went, 10 MPH.

It felt good. I knew I was running fast (for me) but I also felt pretty comfortable. About a mile in (it was a 6:15 first mile because of treadmill startup time) I think the psychology started to get to me - I started thinking. Never a good sign. 1/4 mile later I was done but not finished. I slowed up to 7.5 for just a minute to recover, then went to 8.5, then 9.5 to see if I could beat my best tready 5k (19:52). As 2.5 miles came and went, I was feeling it, but knew I was way too far into it to let go. At 3.0 miles, I knew I was going to have my fastest indoor 5k. I upped the speed to 10 MPH and finished in 19:39.

Day 43 is done. And it was a good one.

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