Saturday, February 28, 2015

Day 59: ran the lake, which is always fun. Today's excitement came in the form of almost going into the lake. I ran in between water in the channel and what looked like an ice fishing hole. As I got in between the channel and the water hole, I heard the ice crack everywhere. That was not the best sound ever. I gingerly got through and finished a good 3.6 mile run.

February was the 2nd straight month with a workout every single day. I almost hit the magical 50 workout mark in a month - a busy travel and music week slowed that down the final week. Still, 48 workouts in 28 days is pretty monumental for me.

Starting tomorrow, I'm going on a non junk food streak. No candy, ice cream, donuts, or fast food, including pizza. Running every day will be cake by comparison.

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