Friday, February 20, 2015

Day 50 - a nice treadmill stroll in mid afternoon. Didn't feel great or not, just sorta in the groove. I have continued to allow myself some extra calories - feeling so sluggish and irritable is really not the point of it all and I can accomplish my goals without starving myself. (<-- That was for me, not you.)

At any rate, when I get to this time next week, I'll have almost worked out for two entire months in a row. February may be a fairly prolific month in terms of total workouts and may go above 50 for the first time for any month (and during the shortest month of the year). Total hours is no big deal (running doesn't take nearly as long as cycling and I'm not doing any long indoor rides now) but 50+ workouts in four weeks is pretty satisfying.

Physically, I feel as good as I've felt. No soreness or even fatigue. That will change tonight - duathlons planned today, tomorrow, and Sunday (I doubt I've ever had a 17 workout week). Of course, that's only because I fell to 4th place in the weight loss challenge.

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